CFEclipse is no longer being developed

For the past three years or more the CFEclipse Project has had no active contributors. I took over the domain in the hope of re-invigorating it, but it became apparent that I didn’t have the skills to keep the plugin updated with both Eclipse Releases and CFML Language Improvements.

I will shortly be archiving all the Github repositories, and have set up this site as a landing page for the domain. The Eclipse update sites have been retained, although I’m not certain if they still work with any current eclipse releases.

Although I am no longer programming CFML myself, for anyone looking for a CFML Editor, I highly recommend the Visual Sudio Code CFML Extension.

Lastly I’d like to shout out to all the past contributors to CFEclipse, and to Vivio Technologies for donating hosting for many years - including this current site.